Sashalom Hotel is located from a short distance of the downtown in the greenbelt of Budapest and is well approachable. We can host 50 people at a time with a high standard service. We have got 16 rooms and each of them has a bathroom. There is a tv, telephone, Wlan system so our quest can use the Internet for free. Some of our room are airconditioned,
reception service is non-stop and our receptionist speak English,German and Russian.
We've got a safe car park in the yard of the yard of the hotel.We can help you to rent a car.
This 16-room-hotel build in 1999 has room whit double beds but we have room whit 3,4,5, beds as well. The latter ones are apartments whit kitchen.There is a facility of seőarating of 5 adjoining room for smaller groups. Our romm are non-smoker.

Our prices include breakfast but exclude VAT(3%)

Some of our room are airconditioned (2000 ft extra /night)
We accept holiday vouchers for accommodation, meal, drink together and separately as well.
Group price - from 15 persons
1 night / person, breakfast
22 EUR
after 20 person 1 person free
Hot food option (halfpanzió)
Hot Food particular period (halfpanzió)
15 EUR
3 fogás
10 EUR
1 bed, 1 person
45 EUR
2 bed, 2 person
55 EUR
3 bed, 2 person
62 EUR
3 bed, 3 person
70 EUR
4 bed, 3 person
75 EUR
4 bed, 4 person
85 EUR
5 bed, 5 person
95 €